Yoey Ceballos, Owner of Optic Blast! Studios.

2023 Las Vegas Licensing Expo and USA VS MEX

What a ride! Good thing I bought the ticket. Sometimes you hesitate on taking a last minute trip, but here's some advice: Don't.

What started as a flight to New York for a client's banner installation, quickly evolved into a last minute flight to Las Vegas.

I would accompany my brother-in-law to witness the dismantling of the Mexican national soccer team by the US Men's team, instead.

However, BEFORE we could tailgate, I had a big meeting with one of the exhibitors at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo at The Mandalay Bay Convention Center!

You can check out my Instagram Reel to see how it went! (Spoiler: I got to dance with BLUEY AND BINGO!)


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